As promised (to who?!) this will serve also as an update service for CE activities. Also a kind of diary for me too, otherwise you just kind of forget the things you’ve done!

So what we up to, eh? We been a bit quiet of late, not much of a public profile to speak of, not since the awesome fun of supporting the Human League at the Apollo and in Stoke, that is. So, here goe:

The main reason for silence (and a conscience decision not to do gigs until March) was to write some more tunes! Having completed our first album late last year, we’ve been itching to write some more stuff to reflect our maturing working relationship and interests. On the go currently are:
AFH: mid-tempo song, based on an acoustic song of L’s. Have nice rhythmic interplay going on with the synth backing a the moment, but needs an injection of ‘something’ to bring it to completion
R: A song we started a while ago, but which has a great chorus, which I need to go back to and re-imagine in our current sound.
K7: Our first track in a more upfront dance style. Loosely inspired by all those great Krautrock tracks by Kraftwerk, Neue!, Faust, et al. But not a copy of that, just wanted that driving, relentless feel.
L1: Classic synthpop; almost a sequel to The Smartest Bomb, but faster and tighter.
CLN: Real pumping track this. Started in Jan, but L&I were inspired after seeing The Whip last week and have pumped it full of steroids. In a good way.
JAR, MT, other early starts to tracks with potential. But I ain’t gonna list the hundreds of little ideas, drafts and stuff knocking around…

Also in progress are New Life & 28 Days, which are both being engineered by Oli Horton, even as I type. Oli’s a member of synth group Trademark (who’ve also supported The Human League), as well as doing engineering duties for Piney Gir, Chicks on Speed, and group du jour, Foals. It’s an interesting process, entrusting your work to another, but I sincerely believe the creative process should be open and artists should never ever get too precious about their work. Which isn’t to say that one’s artistic vision should be unduly diluted or changed. The current challenge is to meet L&I’s expectations of how the tracks should sound coupled with O’s technical knowledge of mixing (and dare I say, ‘the market’), and finding a way to please everyone.

Horrid corporate word, but we’re looking at how we can present a distinctive public face to the, er, public. When we do, we’ll update the myspace site, which has languished unchanged for a little while now. I’m thinking sexy graphics is the way to g; we’ve kind of done the ‘nice photos’ thing for previous releases, and i think it’s time to get arty!

All the above is work towards our next release, which will be a CD & digital EP. We’re going to ‘go pro’ and use a PR company to promote the record to the industry, which should increase our exposure to the public (hello there!) We’ve tried the ultra-DIY route with the first album – self-pressing, self-publicising, etc, and whilst we sold out of the first run of the in a month, we just feel that ultimately you do have to play some aspects of the ‘music industry’ game to get higher visibility. Especially as there are hundreds of other bands out there all competing for the same prize (radio play, reviews, and ultimately, we hope, record sales, which we can put back into the CE project = more music!)

I think I’ll do a separate post series charting the success of our PR campaign.

Well, I think that’s everything. It’ll keep me busy for now, anyway.


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