CE EP: Progress Report 01

The new Cassette Electrik EP is in progress and I thought I would keep track of it’s progress from concept to production to release to response.

It’s important to have  goals to work towards and a natural one for a band is a CD release. With the album released only two months ago, it’s a bit soon for another one, so we’re going to go for an EP. We don’t know much about it yet, except that we want to do it – and the crucial difference with this release is that we are going to try using a PR company to help us push it to press and radio.

We’re doing that because we want our music to be heard by as many people as possible – that is after all the point of making music! We’ve found that people who are prone to liking melodic, song-based electronic music tend to like our stuff (cheers!), so the challenge is to get them to listen to it in the first place. Myspace has been great for that – 20,000 fans ain’t bad – but you still have to approach people one-by-one. The obvious advantage of radio and mainstream or music press reviews is that you reach a lot more people a lot more quickly – and then they can make up their minds whether they like what they hear or whether they want to follow up a (hopefully good) review.

So,  a big part of this series will be reporting on the success (or otherwise) of this experiment. It’s not something we’ve had any experience of, so it could go horribly wrong – or horribly right of couse!

Also to decide is the date of the release, the tracks to use, the venue to use for the launch party, artwork direction…I shall cover all this and more in subsequent posts…


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