Rehearsal 25th Feb

A few pics from yesterday’s rehearsal



Looks of fierce concentration as we try out the two new songs, still codenamed K7 & L1. We really should come up with some proper names for them!

A good rehearsal, most of the time spent learning the new ones. Still some work to do on them structure-wise – not too mention a bit of practice as this was the first session we’ve tried them in earnest. And they need to be performance ready for next Thurs…

We do like these studios though. There’s a piano in most of the rooms so we take breaks playing Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’ (lovely riff to play on piano) and ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ (nice skills Des!) Pity about the wildly out of tune F below middle C, especially as No Surprises is in F major, and DOTM is Bb…

Quote of the night tonight is from Des, after a particular intense rendition of K7: “This song is about chocolate, isn’t it?”

Er…not quite! But nice lateral thinking!

The rather tricky main riff of K7:



One Response

  1. Oli, that’s not tricky… looks like octaves to me 😉

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