CE_EP: Progress Report

The EP is making good progress:

 28 Days & New Life are virtually finished. Oli H has done a great job with the mixes, and we spent a very enjoyable day together last weekend putting the final touches to the tracks. I hope to be able to post them on our  myspace in the next week or so as an EP preview – cos the Myspace could really do with a musical refresh.

 Leaving  is more or less done; just need to record the ‘official vox’ for it and decide whether to have an a) slightly floaty middle-8, b) a very floaty middle-8 or c) no middle-8 at all. Perhaps we’ll put it to the vote or make alternative versions available or something. Pleased with how this sounds live too – much fiercer than I was expecting, but that’s a good thing.
K7 still needs a fairly big dollop of work. We’ve gigged it a couple of times this week and I think I know what I want to do to it to make it really work well. Want to mainly make the first half sound a bit pacier – somehow it’s 147bpm and yet doesn’t sound that fast. That ain’t right. No point our fastest track sounding slow!

Tentative title for the EP: This copy is a true likeness of the original.

It’s what the Post Office hand-write (and then stamp) on a photo-copy of your passport to make it a legally valid copy. The phrase is also very appropriate for digital/CD copies – they are, after all, a true likeness of the original also! I like imbuing existing phrases with other meanings by changing the context, it’s fun innit?

Anyway, the whole idea of making a piece of paper have a special kind of significance by writing a particular phrase on it, and the application of a particular symbol (the post office stamp) is fascinating to me. It’s got the same kind of strange mystical overtone that religious artifacts have. I find it bizarre that a priest can hold up a small piece of bread, utter a few mystical words, clang a chalice, and then declare – in all seriousness – that this is literally the body of a human being / demi-god who lived 2000 years ago. It’s not so much that declaration that’s bizarre, it’ s the fact no one ever stands up and says ‘You what? Are you barking mad?’.

I have drifted somewhat off the topic of the EP, I admit, but I can’t help finding human belief systems fascinating, whether it’s the belief in pieces of paper holding a literal value (paper money, legal documents) or the more supernatural beliefs in holy objects (Turin Shroud, bread & wine, calunga dolls, etc).

The truth (or more likely the opposite) of the more meta-physical ones is not really the point, the fact that these beliefs exist at all and clearly satisfy some psychological human need is what’s interesting. As a fan of rational evolutionary biology one has to ask: what function do these belief systems serve?   (Steven Pinker has probably answered this in one of his books….)


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