Synthetic Launch Night: report!

Synthetic Launch night @ Cavendish Arms, Stockwell.

It’s always an honour to play at a launch party, and this one was excellent fun, too. The Cavendish Arms is a recently refurbished pub in South London, and what used to be the pool hall is now a very nice little performance space.

I didn’t think to take any proper photos of the venue, but here’s a moody shot of the floor:


First up was our good friend Looptron:


Another stirling performance – featuring the talented Sarah for one track. I’m sure I detected a different guitar solo for My Name Is Looptron, and I made lots of other mental notes to write about specific track elements, but I’ve now forgotten them all. Suffice to say Looptron rocked and entertained the massed crowds. Telling the audience to “shut-up” through the vocoder set to a 2 second repeating delay was a particularly highlight for me. (I happily heckled back with ‘we were thinking the same thing’, you’ll be relieved to know)

Next Jon Baz


Clearly influenced by early 80’s electropop, Jon performed a solid set of electro songs, including a cover of Gary Numan’s Cars. Apparently he was resplendent in a fine pair of lit-up eye glasses by the end, but I missed that, unfortunately, as I were backstage by then getting ready for our turn on stage.

Still, anyone who gets up stage to sing solo with only a laptop for company, has my respect!

Then it were us – if anyone has any pics, feel free to bung them my way.

An enjoyable set. Felt it took a little while to warm up, but once we got into our stride it was good good fun. Crowd must have thought so too, as we had to do an encore! Cheers guys!

Headlining were the undoubted stars of the night, Toxic Funk Berry


Apart from the questionable name – guys, it really gives the wrong impression of what you do! – they were simply excellent. First half of the set was good solid funk beats, with a dash of rare-groove and flute. Second half went breakbeat and bassline crazy. Great grooves, nice builds and breakdowns, by the end the whole crowd were dancing and clammering for more. They had great on stage presence too, and knew how to work a crowd with the odd comic aside. Even blowing one of the speakers (if that’s what happened) seemed like a tribute to their energy and ethusiasm.

Keep an eye out for these guys, I think they could go places – even with that name!


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  1. Hey Oli and Lucy.

    Was really good to see you live and meet you in person yesterday (I was the chap who you spoke to by the bar before Jon Baz came on). I’ve put two pictures up on the Marsheaux forum here:

    all the best,

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