CE_EP Progress Report: Sex, drugs, and 303’s.

Ok, so we’ve decided to split the next EP into two…instead of having 28 Days, New Life, Leaving & K7 all on the same EP, we’re going to split it into two…28 Days & New Life on the first installment, and Leaving & K7 on the 2nd.

Seems better use of the material to divide it up this way, and means we can include remixes of the tracks too. (We have some very good people on those at the moment – but if you reading this are a producer/remixer and would like to get involved as well, let me know!)

So, hopefully we can get the first EP’s tracks wrapped up and mastered by the end of the month and can set a release date – and more importantly: A Launch Party!

Hmm, this has been a fairly dull blog post, but the life of electro musician isn’t all sex, drugs, and 303’s you know. (Well, obviously 99% of it is, but this post was that other 1%…sorry about that!)


One Response

  1. Hello,
    This is Neil from The Smith’s Occasional Podcast. I’d be up for remixing one of your tracks for the EP’s. Send me an email if you are interested.

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