Client Support Announcement..

Sunday 9th November

Yeah, it’s a little way off, but we’re delighted to announce a support slot with Client in November!

Headlining is Anne Clarke, someone who’s work I’m not overly familiar with, but who was important in early punk days, and continues to work in alternative art & music scenes. If anyone can recommend some good stuff to get familiar with her work, feel free to comment below!



One Response

  1. Hi!! What I shame I live so far from London, that show will be amazing.

    I’m very fond of Anne Clarke (and of Client and, recently, of CE, of course 🙂 ). You have to listen to “Our darkness”, “Wallies” and “Sleeper in metropolis”, as they are really classic tracks from the 80s.

    From her latest works (I’m talking about ten years ago or so) my favourites are ‘The Healing’, ‘Letter of thanks to a friend’ or ‘ Seize The Vivid Sky’.

    The last thing she has recorded (before the release of her new album) is ‘The hardest heart’, a collaboration with Blank&Jones that is a bit dance, but it’s also good.

    Cheers from Spain!

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