EP Mastered

Yey, we finally got the 28 Days EP mastered yesterday at Ideal Mastering.

It’s taken a while to get there, even though we’ve had the tracks 28 Days & New Life finished for a while back as we were waiting on some remixes and for me to get back from France. But now it’s done and this is the track listing:

1. 28 Days (Original mix) – our original mix. Preview at our myspace page.
2. 28 Days (TheLaterMix) – by Neil Smith of Smith’s Occasional Podcast. A very atmospheric take on the track.
3. 28 Days (CEO remix) – our upfront remix, as downloadable from here.
4. 28 Days (Hecq remix) – a friend introduced us to the German producer Hecq and he’s done us a rather special minimal techno remix.
5. New Life – our live favourite of the Depeche Mode classic, polished up and put on record. Preview at our myspace page.

It’s always interesting giving our music to other people to see what take they have on the track. I just hand over all the parts; the vocals, drums, basslines, fx, etc, and let the remixer get on with it, no rules. And I don’t think you could have two more contrasting versions than Neil Smith & Hecq’s.

Neil has pretty much kept the vocals intact and rebuilt the entire song around those. Instead of the energy of the pulsing bass and drums of the original, he’s gone for a really effective sparse arrangement of pads and percussion, building up quite a dark yet seductive atmosphere. We like it very much.

In comparison, Hecq is a minimal techno artist and has gone to the other extreme. Over a solid techno groove there are hints and slices of vocal sounds – in most cases not even identifiably from the original. Within that there are some awesome bits of vocal processing, twisting and turning the sounds through phasing and ring modulation and god knows what else. All very clean though – no punky disregard for sound quality and distortion here.

The crazy thing is that this EP won’t officially be released until August as we need to work with our PR company to get it reviewers/journo’s/blogs, etc, and because magazines have a ridiculously long lead time we need to send it out now for August publications. At least by the time it does come out we’ll have a whole new batch of stuff to play people…

In fact, Lucy’s coming round today to record 3 new songs she’s written, so I think it’s going to be a productive summer! Stay tooned!


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