General Update

Well, it’s 9th June, and it’s high time we had little update of stuff I reckon…

Little bit thin on the ground at the moment, but we’re working on it. Am off to check out a new night on Thursday at Barcode, which looks like it might be a good showcase for new electro. Electroqueer @ Barcode. Four bands for 4 quid ain’t bad value any way!

We’re also planning our EP Launch party for the 28 Days EP, which is probably going to be at Industry2 in late August (cancel those hols now, bokay?) Haven’t even begun to think about support and stuff. But we will, oh yes.

We also popped down to the Insomniacs Ball the other week and reckon that’d be a good place for us to play. We saw Ghost Frequency, who I didn’t really understand what with all their guitars and things, but they seemed like lively fellows. (To be honest, they are that kind of shouty-punky-indie that leaves me absolutely cold) Given that the DJ’s in the other room were playing super awesome hard techno and breaks, that’s where we spent most of the time. We’d fit in much better with that sort of thing than the shouty-punky-indie bands, so book us now Insomniacs, bokay?

I’m enjoying the monthly track challenge, and reckon K7 will be the one for July. Des has laid down some basslines for me to play with in the comfort of my own studio, so it might be finished quite soon. Maybe even today. Quelle Excitemente.

Other brand brand brand new tracks we’re working on are: Enter Leaving, a quirky Moloko kind of thing with the emphasis on Lucy’s cool vocals rather than studio trickeryism; Heartbreak, a change of pace. It’s an electro-epic-power-ballad! Clean, think Underworld meet Presets meet Cassette Electrik; Another one whose name I forget, really good this one though I totally forget it’s name. And we have other bits and peices of synthwork and vocal gestures to play with. They’re all in the CE mold of great melodic vocals backed up with nice electronic beats and basslines and all that stuff. We’re gearing it to be a bit more dancey and upbeat cos we want a moshpit when we play live, yeah! (A small one though, don’t want people spilling their drinks, or being bumped a bit. No no no.)

Actually was talking to Des yesterday about writing tracks more quickly, and the obvious reason for doing this finally ocurred to me: it doesn’t matter how long one spends on a track, it always you working on it and I don’t think a track changes very much after the initial burst of inspiration and effort. One can definitely spend time tidying it up, but the fundamentals are there from the start. This is really a message to me saying: go with instinct more, don’t overthink stuff and trust your judgement! And of course, doing stuff quicker means that you don’t get bored of working on a track (it’s terrible when that happens!)

Other Stuff: video
It looks like we might be filming our video with The Flippers on Sat 21st, if all goes to plan. Quite literally, watch this space.


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