The Dirty Underbelly of 28 Days

Much as it would be fun to say that this song was an ode to some apocalyptic zombie film I can assure you that no salivating undead types were used in the making of this song…
Instead 28 Days was written about one of those times when the actions you would like to take are, for one reason or another, not possible and as such passions build up all the more so for it. I’m coming to realise that quite a few of my songs seem to be about moment such as these – time of stasis (if I’m going to sound pretentious I may as well do it properly) when everything and nothing is possible, when possibilities are hanging in the air just out of reach and you have a feeling that if you don’t act to make something happen, the moment will probably disappear. I’m a believer in action and making the most of a situation, so this song is really about that. Seize the day, I guess you could say.

As with all the songs I write before Oli’s input, 28 Days was originally done acoustically. I actually played it at a few acoustic nights, once with Palm Beach Story, a short lived but enjoyable threesome with my good friends Al & Rich, now both ensconced in other excellent bands/ projects (check out The Tacticians for some kicking ‘urban folk’ and Primary School Hero for some Foo Fighters-esque down home rock). In fact, Oli and I have from time to time threatened each other with doing some kind of paired down acoustic set – could work pretty well with some of our songs. Wouldn’t be for while though as our mission at the moment is to get you all up there dancing! We are Cassette Electrik after all (har). Anyway, dancing is what we fully intend to do at the Industry night on 29th, so come along and bounce up and down with us to new and old songs alike. If you’re really good, we’ll even wear our zombie costumes…

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