Hello Again You Lot

So, it’s a been while since the last update, but hopefully the updates will be a little more regular from now on!

Coming up soon is our gig supporting Client & Anne Clarke at the Underworld on the 9th November. Really looking forward to that & it should be a blast. The event on Last FM: http://www.last.fm/event/506610

Our current important missions at the moment:

1) Get played by Rob da Bank. He plays great electronic music on BBC Radio 1. We make great electronic music. How much longer do we have to wait for him to notice, goddarn it! I shall be trying various strategies like contacting those he has played and find out how they did it and talking to sensible music PR and pluggers to see if/how they could help. You can help by maybe being Rob’s flatmate and putting a word in for us. Cheers!

2) Playing a festival or two next year. We don’t care which one. Lucy & I in various guises have played at Glastonbury and The Big Chill previously, so either of those would do for example. Or one of the smaller more bespoke ones, Hope Farm, Glade, Truck, etc. Don’t mind, just fancy a weekend away pursuing the joy that is musical performance in mud. Bestival would be supercool too – maybe we can combine that with point 1) above? Yes, I think we should.

3) Writing new stuff. The observant and patient among you will have noticed that the monthly tune has not happened here for a couple of months now. This is cos we’ve been thinking about album #2 and what direction it should have. So we’ve been distilling many things: what we’re into at the moment, the tracks that have worked best live, the tracks people tell us they liked the most, the fact that we want to get a bit dancier and play in clubs (and not alongside crappy indierock), etc. And most importantly: how to sound new! I shall post about this point shortly…

We’ve lots of new things bubbling away where we’re trying new things, new sounds, new structures and seeing what sounds best and what excites us the most. I expect we’ll be posting the results of these in snippets soon, so keep your ears peeled.


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