Album #2

Well, Lucy & I realised a couple of weeks ago that we’ve amassed a number of tracks & demos this year that are about ready to be organised into some kind of album format.

Unlike the first album a natural kind of narrative seems to have arisen, which gives the thing a logical sequence and mood journey. As some of the songs aren’t finished yet, we won’t say what the organising principle is just yet – or even if it will stick (though we do have a nice piece of paper with lots of dotted lines and coloured triangles on it), but suffice to say that the following songs should comprise the next album, give or take:

After the High
Enter Leaving
Show Me
28 Days
No Knowing
This Feels Good to Me
In This Place

A couple of these are floating round this blog somewhere or on our myspace, but think of those as demos. All is up for grabs, and as the album takes shape all these tracks will be sculpted anew as necessary.

We haven’t set a release date yet; I reckon it should be anytime between Mar & Sep 2009 depending on how it all goes, and what kind of promotion we go for.   We’ll release various single and remixes between now and then though. Not to mention demos of all these tracks with commentary every few weeks as the demos get polished.

Oh yeah, we’ll think of a title for the album too!


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