Yeah, it’s been a while since we last posted to the blog, but we’re now hard at work to rectify that…

  • planning some gigs for the summer. In fact Des, Lucy & I have a rehearsal this very evening.
  • Preview track No Knowing from album #2 is already up on the myspace.
  • Regarding album #2, other completed tracks are Feels Good (pure electro!), Too Much For You (a pounding ballad!), plus a properly recorded K7 with Real Drums played by a Real Drummer. 
  • In progress and nearing completion…Rubicon (like a Justice track with more melody)and a few others. Add those to 28 Days, Leaving, and our ravishing cover of New Life, I think we’re approaching album completeness. And about time too!

Regular updates on all this and more will be forthcoming, including the long anticipated Electronically Yours Vol #1 on which The Smartest Bomb rubs shoulders with Client, Marsheaux and Parralox, and other electro luminaries.


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