Help us get to the Big Chill Festival!

Latest News: WE ARE AT NUMBER #2!! #1!!
Thank you one and all…we just gotta hold out till August 5th…

Watch our progress in the competition chart:


Hi Cassette Electrik gang!

Imagine if somehow these three amazing things could happen simultaneously:

1. We play at the Big Chill Festival this August

2. You receive an awesome new song called ‘No Knowing’ from us

3. The British Heart Foundation gets a donation from Cassette Electrik fanbase

Extraordinarily, this can all happen with a simple action on your behalf thanks to a competition by a music site called Alterhit in which the band who sells the most songs by August 5th gets to play at The Big Chill Festival.
So far there are only 106 bands in the competition, and the band in the lead has only £17.90 in sales at the time of writing. Surely this measily sum is easily beatable…!
What you need to do…
We would really love to play at the Big Chill and therefore would love you to register with Alterhit and buy our two songs from them at £1.50 each, so that we have the most sales and get to go to the ball! Which is clearly quite a cheeky request…
To sweeten the deal, we promise to donate all proceeds from these sales to the British Heart Foundation via the London-Brighton cycle ride, which our old pal Mr Looptron is doing
You also get 2 versions of our brand new song No Knowing… you can preview both on our Alterhit page. It is not available to buy anywhere else currently, and won’t be until our new album comes out later this year.
1. Go to
2. Register for a Friend account
3. Charge up your account with £3
4. Search for Cassette, locate our
page and click ‘buy’ on the two songs we have there.
5. Download the songs, watch us rocket up the charts and feel good about your charitable donation!
Lucy and I have got the ball rolling by buying our own songs and have managed to propell us to chart position #5 already!
Does that all makes sense? It’s a crazy mission, but we have faith in you all, people!
Lucy & Oli

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