Preps a-go-go!

Rehearsal last night at Des’ place a mixed bag – mainly cos I forgot that I’d accidentally wiped a load of backing tracks from my laptop in a fit of madness a while ago, so we could only rehearse K7, 8-Bit, No Knowing and Feels Good, and some of those were a bit ‘all over the shop’.

Still, it was a necessary session given that we have only two weeks to prepare for the possiblity of the Big Chill gig. We have booked in as many rehearsals as we can ahead of that and are even considering a warm-up gig for next Friday or Saturday if we can find somewhere to put us on at that short a notice.

Session was fuelled by pizza and beer like all proper rock rehearsals, but I had to make a sharp exit at 9pm to beat the darkness as I had to cycle from Camden to Brockley without lights (complicated story – see  my de railleur failure blog post on oliolioli blog to find out why I’m currently riding my old Raleigh road bike without any lights…) Made it in 35 minutes though which ain’t bad.

 -> We are still way in the lead in the alterhit big chill charts, so fingers crossed we stay there…and we’re also number one in their sales charts, which is a rather nice achievement too!


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