Power Games

So when the sound engineer casually mentioned in the soundcheck that sometimes the power fails in the Mother Bar and that, being the sound guy, he often gets the blame, we slapped our thighs heartily, laughed and thought no more. Until 20 mins into our set when BOOM! Darkness and silence…Now neither of these things are your friend when you are on stage.

And the problem with being an electro band (the clue’s in the name), is that cracking on with a quick acoustic set in these circumstances just isn’t possible.  However, I was by this point on a bit of a roll so, like some latter-day Vera Lynn in black shiny leggings, I decided to get the troops singing till the power came back on. Surely the only sensible thing to do (not to mention pal Carrie furiously whispering ‘SING SOMETHING WE ALL KNOW’ in my ear…) The chorus of old favourite A Little Respect soon rang out over the Hoxton skyline and whilst the high notes somewhat escaped me, in the circumstances it could have been worse. Even Oli sang and that NEVER happens…

Sadly however we did eventually have to admit defeat and give in to Motherboard Failure. Maybe next time we should decamp to the Electricity Showrooms just opposite. They have loads of power there, surely..?


POSTSCRIPT 1: talking of covers, we at Cassette Electrik Towers keep toying with the idea of doing a version of an archetypal and still amazing 80’s hit by a well-known male/female pop duo. Then stepping back and going, ‘no, we CAN’T’… (Those of you who’ve seen me in a karaoke frame of mind can probably guess what that is). Could be sacrilege, could be awesome – but then that’s always the fine line you walk when doing a cover, I guess. Might be just something we pull out of our musical bag at next gig, so keep an ear out.

POSTSCRIPT 2: at the opposite end of the spectrum, we really enjoyed finally doing new tune Feels Good, despite the fact it was curtailed – hopefully we’ll do it justice next time. We also didn’t get to do our new favourite singalong anthem No Knowing.  So to all of you who were there but didn’t get a full gig out of us (Dawn & Duane, Rick, Andy, James, Zoe, Lisa-Marie, Adriana, Carrie, Lucio, Lili, Tony O’Dell, Blatchkey Kid, Matty T, Melissa, Marc KN, Damien, Neil, Lisa, Al, Olaf and all you other lovely peeps who gave us your support) we salute you and No Knowing goes out to you next time.

POSTSCRIPT 3: a final shout out (I’ve exhausted myself now with all this gushing – it’s a good thing I only blog about once a year) to bearded geniuses (genii??) The Flippers for their continually fabulous visuals. One of these days I’ll actually get to watch some. If anyone would like to sample more of their work there’s all kinds of visual trickery here – including some very cool Halloween goings-on from their front room in Romford. Scared the neighbours shitless, no doubt. http://www.deathtotheflippers.com/


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